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Sofia’s 4th birthday party

We had Sofia’s birthday party this afternoon.  It went well and Sofia had lots of fun.  She received some of her favorite things as gifts but one in particular makes me laugh.  The girls have a very diverse range of likes.  One minute they will be very girly with their princess stuff, Barbies, fairies, etc. and the nex they are talking about Star Wars.  For some reason Sofia has really taken a liking to the whole Star Wars thing and especially Luke Skywalker.  She has informed us that she is going to marry Luke Skywalker and she talks to him on her phone quite often.  Her Aunt Rachel was trying to find a big Luke Skywalker doll for her but couldn’t find one so she bought her a Star Wars set.  Her reaction to opening this was hilarious.  She loved it so much.  Here are a few from her opeing the gift…dsc_0183dsc_0192We also got to spend some time with Addison (my surrodaughter), Han and Steve.  She is getting so big and is absolutely the cutest little thing.  She played with the girls almost the entire time they were here.dsc_0228dsc_0249


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1st soccer practice

Charlotte’s soccer team had their first practice tonight.  It was fun to watch the girls running all over the field and only continued our belief that Charlotte is much taller than other girls her age.  She had lots of fun and totally loves her team’s name-the Unicorns!dsc_0034dsc_0039dsc_0077dsc_0068Sofia was starting to get a little antsy so I had her racing to a nearby tree and back and was timing her.  I caught her on the way back…


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I used to love spending the weekend at my Grandma and Grandpa Ryskamp’s house when I was younger.  One of the best parts was when my Grandma would make homemade waffles every Sunday morning.  She passed away almost 3 years ago and there are many, many things that I miss about her, but the Sunday waffle tradition lives on…(in our house anyway).  All I wanted for Christmas was a waffle iron so I could make homemade waffles for my family.  I haven’t missed a Sunday since Christmas and anyone who knows me should know what a big deal that is.  Sofia and Daddy like their waffles with strawberries and whip cream and Charlotte and Mommy like theirs with syrup.  It was just too pretty not to take a picture of…


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Daddy Daughter Night

Occasionally Neal takes the girls out for a date night, movie, dinner that type of thing.  Tonight Mansfield was hosting a daddy daughter dance.  The girls have been really excited to get all dressed up.  They were even being extra cute tonight before they left…dsc_00021copy-of-dsc_0008-1

Neal got dressed up too…dsc_0010-11dsc_00121

They had dinner, danced, and got to meet a “princess.”


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I have been meaning to start a blog for awhile now.  Since all of our family is back in Michigan, I thought it would be a great way to let them stay up to date with all the kids and their craziness.  Of course with all good intentions…

Then yesterday my too sweet husband gave me a surprise-a new camera!  Well it gave me the extra push I needed, so here we are.  I thought I would share my first picture with my new camera, our big baby of a dog Aslan.


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