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Yes that’s right-snow in Texas! Not just the light stuff that falls then melts right away like we are used to getting here. Real snow, the wet stuff, and it just kept coming. We woke up Thursday morning to a good coating of it, more than we are used to around here but then it just kept coming. It snowed continuously until well after dark. These pictures were taken in the late afternoon several hours before it finally stopped. It is now Sunday afternoon and most of it has melted now but it was definitely a white weekend.


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Playing Catch-Up

My poor blog has been so neglected lately. I have been so busy keeping updated on Facebook that I have completely forgotten about the blog. I guess I need to play catch-up. We went to isney almost 3 months ago and we had an absolute blast. We all are looking forward to going again and bringing Sam along. It was really hard to leave him for so long but we were able to do so many things that would have been difficult to do with a 16 mo. old in tow. They got to meet all the princesses, several fairies and many other favorites. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip…


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