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I have been working on my photography as much as possible the last few months which after working full-time, going to grad school and taking care of my family isn’t much. I am thinking of switching just to a photography blog so that I can share all my pictures with family, friends and maybe even possibly clients. I know I do have a few that still check this blog though (hi Dad!) so I am going to share a few of my kids for now. I am hoping to have my photography blog up in the next month or so though.


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We met Han and Steve at a park in Plano this weekend so I could take some pictures of sweet adorable Addi. I thought I would try to get a couple of the kids as well while we were there. I wasn’t expecting much but actually got some where they are all looking at me! Here are a few from the morning…

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I have been following this photographer’s blog for a few months now. I love her pictures so when I had the opportunity to take an all day workshop with her last Saturday I jumped at the chance. I really loved the whole day and feel like I learned so much. I am really proud of some of these images and hope I can continue to practice with the kids once things calm down around here. I just wanted to share some of my favorites…

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