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After I got all the pictures uploaded onto my laptop last night, Neal looked at the pictures and said “You didn’t get any pictures of the girls?” No I didn’t. As soon as they get their costumes on they think it is time to run down the street. So I’m sorry, not many pictures but I am sure you get the general idea…


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I have been 30  for nearly 8 hours and I certainly don’t feel any different.  For some reason I really thought I would.  I truly was expecting to find crow’s feet and a few stray white hairs when I woke up this morning.  Silly I know but sometimes I let irrationality get the better of me even when I know I shouldn’t.  I think it is a mommy thing because I never did it until I became a parent.  Anyway, the day was great, even having to work.  I received lots of hugs from my students and even got a present or two from them.  I got some great gifts from my family- a beautiful pendant from my mom and Al and a new Gone With the Wind ornament from my sister and her family.  Neal is always great at making me a wonderful homemade meal and this year was no exception, manicotti and garlic bread, it was delicious.  So another year gone and I can now say I am in my 30’s whether I want to or not.  So far it hasn’t been too bad and as long as I don’t look any older tomorrow I think I will be alright.

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On May 31st, Neal and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and thanks to his sister Rachel we actually got nearly 24 hours to ourselves.  I am a bit late in posting the details but it seems that with the end of school I got sidetracked.  Anyways, Neal and I dropped the kids off that afternoon then headed into Dallas.  We stayed at a cute old hotel downtown.  Here is a picture of the room as you are walking in…DSC_0002-7

We had tickets to the Paramore and No Doubt concert that night.   Before we headed to the concert we went to Twisted Root Burger Co. a few miles from our hotel.  It was featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Both Neal and I love that show and were really looking forward to checking it out.  It was both our vote for best burger ever!  They even have homemade root beer which was great too.  After dinner we headed to the concert- it was amazing!  Both Paramore and No Doubt were great and the weather was gorgeous.  I saw No Doubt back in high school when they were opening for Bush and this was just as much fun.  Gwen was so great to watch.  Here are a couple of pics from the show…3596021325_76de29a9213593311727_972506b99d60-no_doubt.embedded.prod_affiliate.117The next morning we got to sleep in then we headed to brunch at the Blue Mesa Grill.  Another great meal!  It was an interesting mix of traditional breakfast/brunch fare along with some southwestern/Mexican favorites.  My favorite part…unlimited mimosas!!  Overall we had a fantastic anniversary and hopefully we will be able to get away again next year.

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Okay so I have been really late in getting this post up but Sam and I had a great time in California.  For those that don’t know my cousin Candice got married May 8th in Fresno, CA.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to attend but a few months beforehand decided Sam and I would be able to go.  Since my mom and sister thought I wasn’t going I decided that I wouldn’t tell them and just surprise them when we got there.  Well the plans didn’t go exactly as I had initially planned them but they were definitely surprised and we had a wonderful time.  We got to visit with my sister-in-law and her family in Seaside/Monterey, CA and then spent some time with my mom, sister, grandpa and other family members for the wedding.  Candice was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony was wonderful.  It was all outside and the day was absolutely perfect for her.  Congrats cousin!  Here is a picture my sister took as I opened the door of the hotel room to surprise my mom…DSC_0004-10Unfortunately Sam was not very cooperative throughout the ceremony and reception so I didn’t get any great shots at the wedding but I did catch Julie (my sister) taking over “mommy duty” for me-Thanks Sis!DSC_0010-8The last day, before heading to the airport, Gabrielle took us to the beach so Sam could see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  we also stopped by one of the marinas where the seals just congregate on the pier.  They were so cute and very loud!CaliforniaDSC_0036-4DSC_0040-2

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Dental Distractions

Sofia had to go to the dentist this morning to have a cavity taken care of.  It was just a small one on the surface (it looked like a chip) so they weren’t going to have to fill it,  just brush down the tooth.  Neal went with her since he has more days to take than I do right now.  I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to be going with her.  Not that I didn’t trust Neal,  but I am always so afraid I will miss something if I am not there for everything.  She was going to have to have a little nitrous so when I called Neal this afternoon I asked if she had any problems with it.  He said no, she took it fine and didn’t seem to have any effects of it afterwards or anything.  When I got home from work I asked to see her tooth and questioned her about the experience.  She was telling me about the games she played and the movie she watched, etc.  Finally I asked her about the “medicine” she had to breath and she told me all about the pink princess nose they put on her.  I asked her if it made her feel funny and she responded with “no it just made me distracted.”  Distracted?  Where does this child get her vocabulary from?  It is amazing how much she picks up and she always uses it correctly!  It was just too funny.

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