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I have been 30  for nearly 8 hours and I certainly don’t feel any different.  For some reason I really thought I would.  I truly was expecting to find crow’s feet and a few stray white hairs when I woke up this morning.  Silly I know but sometimes I let irrationality get the better of me even when I know I shouldn’t.  I think it is a mommy thing because I never did it until I became a parent.  Anyway, the day was great, even having to work.  I received lots of hugs from my students and even got a present or two from them.  I got some great gifts from my family- a beautiful pendant from my mom and Al and a new Gone With the Wind ornament from my sister and her family.  Neal is always great at making me a wonderful homemade meal and this year was no exception, manicotti and garlic bread, it was delicious.  So another year gone and I can now say I am in my 30’s whether I want to or not.  So far it hasn’t been too bad and as long as I don’t look any older tomorrow I think I will be alright.


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