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We met Han and Steve at a park in Plano this weekend so I could take some pictures of sweet adorable Addi. I thought I would try to get a couple of the kids as well while we were there. I wasn’t expecting much but actually got some where they are all looking at me! Here are a few from the morning…


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We made it…

Well, we all made it through our first week back to school. Sofia seems to be enjoying kindergarten and Charlotte is getting right back into the swing of things in 1st grade. They both have great teachers this year and I am excited to see them grow more this year. I really like the group of kids this year and am optimistic about my year. Here are a few pictures from the first day of school…

Sofia and her teacher Mrs. Kettler

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I can’t believe I let the entire summer slip by without posting once.  You would think that with all the time off I would have managed to get a few posts done but there is my procrastinating mind for you.  Well we didn’t do much this summer.  We made it up to Michigan for a few weeks and celebrated Sam’s first birthday with family.  Neal graduated a couple of weeks ago from Lamar University with a Masters in School Leadership and last week Charlotte started kindergarten.

We had a great time in Michigan.  It is always nice to be able to spend so much time with our family and friends.  We never get to accomplish everything we want to in the three weeks that we are there, however three weeks is a long time to be away from home, especially with small children.  It was great to actually have a family birthday party for the first time.  While the party really ends up being for the parents, Sam had a great time eating cake.  We had a Superman cake designed for him and he got his own little cake to tear apart as well.DSC_0238-1DSC_0241-1DSC_0276DSC_0283-1DSC_0304-1

Besides the birthday party we were able to spend some time in the U.P. with Neal’s family.  Everyone except for Jonathan and Rachel were there so it was great for the kids to have the opportunity to play with so many of their cousins.

We also stopped at Neal’s grandmother’s house on the KY/IN border on the way there.  It was great to be able to visit for a little while.DSC_0018-9

We spent some time swimming at my dad’s pool…DSC_0088-1DSC_0113-1

and made it to Binder Park Zoo…DSC_0186-1

to feed the giraffes.DSC_0208-1

We also made it to the beach one day and it was actually above 80 degrees that day too!DSC_0523



Charlotte started kindergarten last week and she absolutely loves it!  She comes home everyday with a new story, she loves her teacher and is always so excited about everything.  I knew she would do great but this has been beyond my expectations.  Here she is on her first day showing off her backpack from Han, Steve and Addison and then Sofia couldn’t be left out of course. firstdaykinderDSC_0210-2

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New Pets!

Sofia saw some guinea pigs at the pet store a few weeks ago and absolutely loved them so when I saw a posting on freecycle for 2 guinea pigs I couldn’t pass it up.  So meet Oliver and Jasper…dscf3380dscf3381dscf3368they are quite friendly and the girls love them!  The best part is they were free, with cages, food, ect. included-can’t beat that.

Also have to mention that we booked our trip to Disney World for Thanksgiving week.  The girls are so excited but nobody is quite as excited as Neal.  We are hoping that we have a babysitter for Sam so we can focus on just the girls this time around and when he is older we can take him along and focus the trip more on him.

Charlotte is now enrolled for Kindergarten which she is so excited about.  She has been asking when she will get to go to kindergarten for the past two years.  She has 2 friends that will be starting at the same school and I am hoping that she is in a class with at least one of them so she will have a friend going into it, but she is pretty social so I am sure she will be fine either way.   She is turning into quite a sassy little thing though.  When I was talking to her the other day her response to me was a rolling of the eyes and “blah, blah, blah.”  Sometimes it is so hard to be upset with them.  It is so cute listening to a 5 and 4 year old say some of these things.

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We had a great Easter day.  The girls got lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny-their favorite being the lightsabers they received.  They have been asking for them for a few months now so I hope they enjoy them.dsc_0005-9dsc_0012-6I had to get a picture of the poor dog.  Sofia decided to cover her up with one of her baby blankets and Aslan just laid there for several minutes so I quick grabbed the camera, she just looked so pitiful.dsc_0022-3Then of course the fun for the evening…While the girls were getting ready for bed, Neal discovered Sam sitting on the dining room floor enjoying a piece of chocolate that Sofia had left low enough for him to get to.  When I came around the corner he just gave me the biggest smile and looked so proud.   I couldn’t help getting a couple of pictures of him, he just looked so adorable.dsc_0027-4dsc_0031-41dsc_0032-4

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Well it was the Unicorns vs. the Kickin Chicks and what chaos it was.  Besides the unusually cold weather it was a good experience.  It was adorable watching all the 4 and 5 year old girls chasing after the ball.  They didn’t quite get the concept of the game stopping when the ball went out of bounds but overall they did good.  Charlotte was a bit upset that she didn’t get a goal but she had a great assist.  She stopped the ball right before it went out of bounds and then passed it to another teammate who did score.  I tried to explain the concept of an assist and that those were just as important to the game as a goal but she wasn’t having it.  Oh well maybe with a little practice she will get one next game.dsc_0112charlottesoccerdsc_0113

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1st soccer practice

Charlotte’s soccer team had their first practice tonight.  It was fun to watch the girls running all over the field and only continued our belief that Charlotte is much taller than other girls her age.  She had lots of fun and totally loves her team’s name-the Unicorns!dsc_0034dsc_0039dsc_0077dsc_0068Sofia was starting to get a little antsy so I had her racing to a nearby tree and back and was timing her.  I caught her on the way back…


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