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We had a great Easter day.  The girls got lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny-their favorite being the lightsabers they received.  They have been asking for them for a few months now so I hope they enjoy them.dsc_0005-9dsc_0012-6I had to get a picture of the poor dog.  Sofia decided to cover her up with one of her baby blankets and Aslan just laid there for several minutes so I quick grabbed the camera, she just looked so pitiful.dsc_0022-3Then of course the fun for the evening…While the girls were getting ready for bed, Neal discovered Sam sitting on the dining room floor enjoying a piece of chocolate that Sofia had left low enough for him to get to.  When I came around the corner he just gave me the biggest smile and looked so proud.   I couldn’t help getting a couple of pictures of him, he just looked so adorable.dsc_0027-4dsc_0031-41dsc_0032-4


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