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We had a great Easter day.  The girls got lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny-their favorite being the lightsabers they received.  They have been asking for them for a few months now so I hope they enjoy them.dsc_0005-9dsc_0012-6I had to get a picture of the poor dog.  Sofia decided to cover her up with one of her baby blankets and Aslan just laid there for several minutes so I quick grabbed the camera, she just looked so pitiful.dsc_0022-3Then of course the fun for the evening…While the girls were getting ready for bed, Neal discovered Sam sitting on the dining room floor enjoying a piece of chocolate that Sofia had left low enough for him to get to.  When I came around the corner he just gave me the biggest smile and looked so proud.   I couldn’t help getting a couple of pictures of him, he just looked so adorable.dsc_0027-4dsc_0031-41dsc_0032-4


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Dental Distractions

Sofia had to go to the dentist this morning to have a cavity taken care of.  It was just a small one on the surface (it looked like a chip) so they weren’t going to have to fill it,  just brush down the tooth.  Neal went with her since he has more days to take than I do right now.  I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to be going with her.  Not that I didn’t trust Neal,  but I am always so afraid I will miss something if I am not there for everything.  She was going to have to have a little nitrous so when I called Neal this afternoon I asked if she had any problems with it.  He said no, she took it fine and didn’t seem to have any effects of it afterwards or anything.  When I got home from work I asked to see her tooth and questioned her about the experience.  She was telling me about the games she played and the movie she watched, etc.  Finally I asked her about the “medicine” she had to breath and she told me all about the pink princess nose they put on her.  I asked her if it made her feel funny and she responded with “no it just made me distracted.”  Distracted?  Where does this child get her vocabulary from?  It is amazing how much she picks up and she always uses it correctly!  It was just too funny.

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Neal’s parents were here last week during our spring break.  We had a nice time visiting and the girls really enjoyed spending time with their Grandma and Grandpa.  One of the days we went to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and enjoyed the afternoon.  I got a few nice pictures so thought I would share.  I am sure I will have some more pictures of the visit up soon.

Sofia giving a kiss to her Aunt Rachel…dsc_03031

I love this one…dsc_0322One of Neal, his sister Rachel and his cousin Michael messing around…


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Daddy Daughter Night

Occasionally Neal takes the girls out for a date night, movie, dinner that type of thing.  Tonight Mansfield was hosting a daddy daughter dance.  The girls have been really excited to get all dressed up.  They were even being extra cute tonight before they left…dsc_00021copy-of-dsc_0008-1

Neal got dressed up too…dsc_0010-11dsc_00121

They had dinner, danced, and got to meet a “princess.”


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