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New Pets!

Sofia saw some guinea pigs at the pet store a few weeks ago and absolutely loved them so when I saw a posting on freecycle for 2 guinea pigs I couldn’t pass it up.  So meet Oliver and Jasper…dscf3380dscf3381dscf3368they are quite friendly and the girls love them!  The best part is they were free, with cages, food, ect. included-can’t beat that.

Also have to mention that we booked our trip to Disney World for Thanksgiving week.  The girls are so excited but nobody is quite as excited as Neal.  We are hoping that we have a babysitter for Sam so we can focus on just the girls this time around and when he is older we can take him along and focus the trip more on him.

Charlotte is now enrolled for Kindergarten which she is so excited about.  She has been asking when she will get to go to kindergarten for the past two years.  She has 2 friends that will be starting at the same school and I am hoping that she is in a class with at least one of them so she will have a friend going into it, but she is pretty social so I am sure she will be fine either way.   She is turning into quite a sassy little thing though.  When I was talking to her the other day her response to me was a rolling of the eyes and “blah, blah, blah.”  Sometimes it is so hard to be upset with them.  It is so cute listening to a 5 and 4 year old say some of these things.


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